Jan 26

Building a Chicken Coop Review

building a chicken coop

Bill Keene’s fine product “Building a Chicken Coop” provides detailed instructions for several different types of chicken coop designs that are both attractive and fully functional.   These designs range in size from small coops for housing 4 chickens or less, to larger structures that are capable of accommodating dozens of chickens.  These plans are perfect for the novice as well as the more experienced builder, with easily followed directions that will have you gathering eggs in no time.

The best part is that Bill Keene uses his expert knowledge to carefully guide your project in such a way as to avoid costly mistakes that could otherwise quickly derail a project.  The end result is an aesthetically pleasing structure that can be built for a fraction of the cost of a pre-built chicken house.  For more information about Bill Keene’s “Building a Chicken Coop,” Click Here!


Jan 26

Why build a Chicken Coop?

how to build a chicken coop

More and more we see people moving towards independence in their life styles.  While hobbies such as  vegetable gardening have always been a mainstay for those seeking independence, in recent years we have also been witness to the growth of green technologies as a means of escaping reliance on the grid. Now, add to this list the more recent modern phenomenon of raising chickens.

Why build a chicken coop?  The benefits are numerous:

  • The obvious: a virtually unlimited food supply of eggs and ,well. . .chicken.
  • Backyard pest control.  Chickens love to eat insects and even some weeds.
  • Trash disposal:  They love table scraps.
  • Chickens produce nitrogen-rich fertilizer that is a valuable organic soil builder.
  • Fun.  Chickens are fun to be around and interact with.

It should be pointed out that what really makes the chicken coop building phenomenon so unique is that it is becoming more and more of an urban movement.  Chickens are not just for the farm anymore!   While it is important to check local regulations that pertain to the raising of barnyard animals in an urban environment, many folks are seeing this chicken raising venture as just plain smart.

For that reason we have seen an inevitable increase in products designed for those who wish to build a chicken coop but have limited experience in doing so.  Don’t worry.  Help is on the way and there is no better source than that of experienced chicken cooper Bill Keene.

Widely recognized as an expert in the field Keene brings to the table a vast knowledge of what it takes to successfully raise chickens in your backyard, along with the appropriate chicken coop plans and blueprints that will ensure a successful project.  If the devil is indeed in the details, Bill Keene has the details covered.  No stone is left unturned and no small detail is overlooked.

So why build a chicken coop?  For all the above reasons, and just because you can, and because expert help is available.  In my next post we’ll take a closer look at Bill Keene’s excellent product, “Building a Chicken Coop.”  It will be a review that will hopefully answer any questions folks might have, and give some who are sitting on the chicken coop fence the confidence to move forward.  Thanks for reading!



Feb 16

How to Build a Chicken Coop the Right Way

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how to build a chicken coopHow To Build a Chicken Coop the Right Way

medium size chicken coopIt really isn’t all that difficult to learn how to build a chicken coop.

There is, however, a big selection of hen house plans on the market so it would not be surprising that you feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to figuring out the best way to proceed.  The simple fact is that for someone unfamiliar with the process of building a chicken coop all those plans may look identical.

A first consideration is your budget, as in how much should I plan to spend.  This brings us to a number of other important considerations that will be vital in order to ensure the success of your chicken house project.

The Hampton Chicken HouseFor example, most beginners fail to plan and end up spending too much.  A little planning and foresight would have gone a long way toward saving significant expense, perhaps even hundreds of dollars.

Choosing the proper set of plans will also affect the continued long term success of your project.  It is a common mistake to build too large, or too small.  Understanding the various components and modules and their purpose is also important.

Failure to take into account all of the various aspects of the process will result in rebuilding and increased expense, or at the very least unhappy chickens who refuse to lay eggs.

The rule of thumb:  Get it right the first time!

Bill Keene is the author of “Building a Chicken Coop.”  Bill is a master architect of chicken coops with years of experience and plenty of happy customers.  You can download his free report by filling out your details in the box in the right sidebar.  Then be sure to check out his main chicken coop guide here.




Feb 10

Build Cheap Chicken Coops Quickly With These Techniques!

cheap chicken coopsA chicken coop can be built quickly and efficiently with the right preparation, especially if using one of the amazing chicken coop kits available on the market today.

Would you conclude that it’s gonna require a few weeks to construct a chicken house?  Well, with the right tactics and guidelines it is possible to accomplish this aim in about one or two short days and have good success while doing so.

Here’s what you need to understand so that you can create a chicken house as it should be.

Sketch the Whole Inside of the Chicken Coop Prior to Building

Cheap chicken coops still have a degree of complexity.

The primary thing you want to do as you build a chicken house is perhaps take the time to map out the entire coop in advance of when you build. Some people make the error of constructing too fast and after that discover they have actually constructed too small due to the many extra items that have to go inside.

Do not forget that all of the estimations which you will get in terms of overall free space are simply just that – free space. If you start adding the feeders, the waterers, the perches, etc, that will take away from the total amount of free space you’ve got, causing your poultry to feel more crowded.  Before you say, “They’re just chickens!,” keep in mind that everything from the basic health of your birds to optimal egg laying performance can be negatively affected by a chicken coop that is underbuilt.

To contend with this problem, sketch a blueprint out first and then proceed to build a chicken house according to that design.  Even better, avail yourself of the blueprints and plans that have been created by experienced chicken coopers who have a first-hand track record of how to build a chicken coop the right way.  It will make the project simple, fast and problem free.

Give Your Chickens Adequate Light

Subsequently, you also need to make sure that you’re supplying your chickens an adequate amount of total light. This is achieved by being certain you put in adequate window openings through the entire coop that will function to permit the sun to shine in.

Just be sure with these windows that you’re not positioning them too low or perhaps the sun’s rays may perhaps shine directly at the chickens, which can make them feel uncomfortable and render them unproductive. Locate the main direction the sun’s rays generally contacts your chicken house and be sure to target your windows on that side of your house.

Never Build Smaller Than You’re Thinking You’ll Need

Finally, stated above in the initial point, size is one of the biggest things you must take into consideration as you build a hen house. If you aren’t sure what number chickens you would like to maintain, it is a wise move to build a little larger than you assume you will need, then if you do choose to add one or two additional, you’ll definitely have an adequate amount of room.

The worst situation is when a poultry raiser designs the perfect size coop but then finds he needs more birds. Then you have to tear down the coop and rebuild parts of it or possibly adjoin an expansion onto the coop that’s already set up.

So make sure you are adhering to these three tips while you build a chicken house. The task may appear rather elaborate and yet by utilizing a building program that breaks it down into achievable steps, it truly turns into something that you can easily manage over the course of a day or two.